Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast – Part Five

Erhuvwun woke up the next morning and immediately jumped off the bed.  She’d overslept.  Amadi had left her sleeping in for the first time ever.  She heard the familiar sound of his axe against wood, and knew he was outside working on his new furniture project.

She tied her wrapper and went to the stove to make some breakfast.  However, she was once again surprised to see that the custard was already made, and a half loaf of bread remained for her.  She swallowed.  This was nice, but why did Amadi do this?

She went to meet him to thank him, and he simply shrugged his shoulders, before continuing with his work.  It was then that Erhuvwun realised that he’d heard her conversation with Akpos.  But why would that bother him?


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