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Editor’s Picks: Jason Needs Jesus

You see that little boy in the picture, jumping happily without a care…  He needs Jesus!  For many believers, this is a given, but the realisation that my son needs Jesus to be good, and not just me to raise him right, came as a little shock to me.  I knew it, but I didn’t KNOW it.  And I know many unbelievers will be offended by such writing, to say that an ‘innocent’ three year old needs salvation.

I can tell you that at the age of one, Jason already knew the difference between right and wrong.  And he often chose to do what was wrong.  And while doing so, he would look at me to see if I would react or if he would get away with naughtiness.  Unfortunately for me, I reacted a lot, and he has continued to push my buttons, to get some sort of reaction from me.

I hear he is so much better behaved when I am not around, and when he is not seeking my attention, because I am busy doing other things when he wants my attention.  At school, he knows how to behave with the other children…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/jason-needs-jesus

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