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Editor’s Pick: How Ufuo Got Her Groove Back

Nothing takes the romance out of a relationship quite like having a baby! Whether or not you are prepared for it or desirous of it, the toll of having a new-born is multidimensional. Aside the fact that being pregnant and enduring labour does things to a woman’s self-image and sex-drive, their arrival will attack your savings, as well as any kind of pre-established normality or routine of your life. The effect of these changes can be more significant for a newlywed couple, who are still bonding, building a new life together and trying to establish a routine.

Personally, I have loved EVERY minute of being pregnant and every second since I held my baby in my arms. I do not regret him for a moment. He’s God’s treasure to me and a blessing in my marriage. However, some blessings require work and faith for them to have the impact they were given for. Like when Jesus blessed Peter to overflowing with abundant fish that threatened to break his net!  If we are not careful, we will mishandle our blessings, and the enemy will seize the opportunity to take our blessing away…

One of the ways I have observed this in my life is…

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