Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: New Mama Drama

Motherhood is uniquely hard, but it’s made so much harder by the pressures of others who disagree with your methods, or who push their ideas on you.

Sure, we ought to seek advice, and learn from the mistakes of others.  We ought to know what to expect, so that we’re prepared to deal with the various challenges that will arise from this new vocation.  But, most of all, we need to enjoy it!  We need to be actively involved in the decisions we make, rather than following a herd to an unknown destination.

I’ve been pretty unhappy lately.  My 16-month old is still breastfeeding, and seems to be more demanding than ever.  I’d initially targeted 12 months to start weaning him, but he resisted profusely, and so I set the new deadline at 18 months.  It doesn’t look like we’re going to make that either.  It may be that he can tell that I’m wanting to cut him off, because his cries for breastfeeding have become more hysterical and scary, like a addict suffering from withdrawal symptoms!

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