Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: A Prisoner In My Home

Today, I went for my first walk in a very long time. Anyone who really knows me knows I love walking. I love the ocean breeze that blows in my neighbourhood and I especially love to look at the beautiful houses and discover new routes.

For years, I had thought that I didn’t have the time for this type of exercise anymore. I had higher priorities and demanding work and family life to keep on top of. Time, for me, was never enough.

However, the other day, I prayed believing that something had to give in my life. I wasn’t happy the way days were going by, and I hardly felt fulfilled at what I had accomplished. It seemed like someone, besides me, was running my life!

God helped me to see that I was far more in control than I realised. He revealed to me that much of the time wasted was spent in front of the TV. It was the thing that kept me captive, drained me of passion and strength, so that I wasn’t able to function at my true capacity…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/a-prisoner-in-my-home

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