The Church Girl – The Guardian 13 #OneChanceReplay


Amaka woke up in the hospital, having suffered a mild concussion from her fall.  She quickly shut her eyes, when the bright light in the room, aggravated her headache.  She turned her head and tried opening her eyes again.  A blurry face came into view.

“She’s awake!” Adania called to the medical staff, and went to sit beside her sister.  “Hey, dear…  You okay?”

Amaka looked at her sister, trying to remember what had happened.  The memory returned to her, when she noticed her sister’s slight bump.  She shifted away in her bed.

Adania swallowed.  “How are you, Sis?”

“How could you?!” Amaka asked, tears stinging her eyes.  “You’re my sister!  He is my husband!  How could you?”

“We’ll talk about it when you get home.  Just take your rest, Sis,” Adania said.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!  Where’s Mommy?” Amaka asked.

“I’ve called her.  She’s on her way.”

Amaka leaned back on the pillow, feeling a little dizzy still.  A nurse came in to check her vision and reflexes, and other vital signs of recovery.

“You suffered quite a nasty fall there,” the nurse said.  “Do you remember what happened?”

“She slipped on some water,” Adania lied…

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