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Introducing Ufuomaee’s Book Club!

Hey y’all, it’s been a good minute.  I am still evolving as a writer, blogger and author, and I’ve come up with a great new idea to gain more devoted readers and reviewers of my works.  I am starting a Book Club from January 2019, and members of this club will be able to read one book free on my website,, every month!  The chosen book will come from my library of novels and collections, and will be featured as the BOOK OF THE MONTH.

To take part, all you have to do is register on Books By Ufuomaee and indicate your desire to be part of the Book Club.  The only rule to keep enjoying free books every month is that you drop a review on the site for each book you read.  At the end of the month, the book of that month will no longer be available for members to read free, though they can still purchase it to add to their library permanently.  Another book will then feature as the Book Of The Month.

If this sounds good to you, simply register now at

Then check out my catalogue of free books.  If you have already read them all, please drop a review on each book you have read.  If you haven’t read the freely available books, you will need to read them and drop your review, before you will be accepted into the book club.  In January, the first book of the month will be announced on the site and made available to participating members to read all month long and review.

An additional benefit for the Book Club members is that they will be able to read exclusive stories with my patrons, even before they are published as ebooks or story series.  That means, Book Club members will be among the first to read The Atheist, a new story I’m working on.  All books are to be read on the website, online or offline, and are not available to be downloaded.

I really hope you will see the benefit of this initiative and decide to join my Book Club!  Thanks for being a reader and follower of my work.  Compliments of the Season!

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