An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Five

Bolu and Lola had a morning devotional session together the following day.  Bolu had dropped the ball on this special time in the past, as he was often in a hurry to get to work.  Today, Bolu spent more time on prayer for their unity, and for understanding and love to grow in their marriage.  Lola also prayed for wisdom and God’s guidance for the challenges the day would surely bring.

After their prayer time and a quick breakfast, Bolu dropped Lola off at her office in Lekki Phase 1 by 8am, before he drove on to his office in Victoria Island.  Today, he and Dele would be meeting with their client, the defendant, for a briefing on their case, and he still had much to do before their meeting, which was scheduled for 2pm.  The road was unusually free today, and he made it to his office by quarter to nine.

His Secretary, Ifeoma, was already in and had made some photocopies of documents he had requested yesterday available on his desk.  She was new and seemed very efficient.  She had also prepared some tea for him, and he sipped happily away as he tucked into his work…


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