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In this world where the wise thing to do in an abusive relationship is to walk away, to protect and look after yourself and your sanity, I feel conflicted about the Wisdom of the Cross that caused Jesus to endure unfair punishment, torture, insults and mocking, to redeem a world that didn’t love Him.

I write these stories about men and women abiding with unfaithful and unloving spouses (case in point Broken and The House Girl), but in reality, I struggle to live by this tall order.  I sympathise with those who cannot bare nor abide with such.  I understand their reasoning.  Life and fiction are very different in experience, and you can never control what another being does.  Happilly ever after remains the truth of fairy tales alone.

Ultimately, though Jesus died for ALL, not all will accept Him.  Not all will believe in Him…and not even all of those who claim to believe will return His love.  Yet, He died for all.

So, where is pride in a marriage?  Of what value is it?  Sure, we are not Jesus and may never be as perfect in love as He is, but that is both our calling and the gift He offers us…to share in His joys and sorrows.  It may seem impossible, but I believe Jesus when He says “All things are possible for him who believes…” (Mark 9:23).

I pray for more grace to abide by what is true.  To teach it and to live it too.  I pray for more wisdom to know when to let go, to walk away and when to fight.  Because even though God loves us all, He is not intimate with all.  Only those who return His love (John 14:23).

And one day, He will judge those who didn’t respond in love to His sacrifice.  Those who abuse or take advantage of His grace and gracious ones, will find themselves losers on that great day.  May you and I be counted among the righteous and the winners!

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