An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Seventeen

Lola’s instinct was to scream “Yes! Yes! Oh, yes… I’d rather be married to you any day…”  Having spent long enough discontented in marriage, and knowing all the things Danny could offer her that Bolu couldn’t and wouldn’t for a while to come (if ever), the idea of marrying Danny was like winning the lottery!  But before she ran with her first thoughts, Lola paused, as she remembered Mama’s counsel last night… “consider the tail!

So she did.  It was like the longest pause of marriage proposal history, as Lola pondered on what it would mean to marry Danny.  She saw herself in a beautiful mansion, with maids at her service, and two little kids running around, while Danny flew frequently between Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos and other destinations for business. Then she saw him walking into his penthouse suites with different women, and the graphic scene of them having sex…because he still had needs, after all…  She shuddered at that thought.

Then she remembered that Mama had also said that he would have to be a fool to want to marry a woman who walked out on her husband to be with him…


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