An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Twenty

Lola and Bolu attended the twin’s first birthday party at Temi Ayeni’s home on Saturday.  Temi had married well, and lived in a big house in Ikoyi with her husband, Oyindamola Ayeni.  Mr Ayeni was the CEO of a shipping company.  Their glamorous wedding had made the front page of a few Nigerian newspapers, and pictures of their twins had even been leaked to the press.

The birthday party was no small shindy, with every imaginable activity on offer for the children in attendance, and lots to eat and drink for all the guests.  Pictures of Taiwo and Kehinde Ayeni decorated the house, and all the guests ooohed and aaahed over how gorgeous they were.  The party theme seemed to provoke envy from all who attended.

Lola and Bolu dropped their small gift with the other gifts that had been brought by invited guests.  Temi was nowhere to be found, so they made themselves comfortable on one of the sofas.  After ten minutes, Lola spotted Temi, who was correcting one of the vendors at the party.  She went up to notify Temi of her presence…


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