Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast – Part Thirteen

“Well, I know Him as the Father of the fatherless, because that is how He introduced Himself to us the day Chief Ogboru threw us and our daughters out of his home.  We had nothing, he didn’t even give us provisions.  He called us cursed because we had all borne girls, even though they were our first children.  We could have borne boys to him, if he had been patient…  But he cast us out thoughtlessly and wickedly, and shamefully too.  We had nowhere to go.  I was an orphan with no siblings, but these women became my family.  As we wandered in the wilderness, on the verge of death, I called out to Him, believing that He exists, and asked Him to deliver us.  And He did,” the kind woman answered.

“Wow…” Erhuvwun marvelled…


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