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Editor’s Pick: Should I obey my Pastor, when he disagrees with what God told me?

Dear Ufuomaee,

I have a question ma.  If God has spoken to an individual concerning his/her choice and this person approached his/her spiritual father/mentor or guardian and this spiritual father gives a contrary opinion. Is it ideal to follow the advise of that spiritual father?

To clarify, what if you clearly heard from God and took the right step before informing the spiritual father and he gets angry at you for acting on God’s instruction,  What can you do?

Dear Reader,

Ummm… First, the question is whether or not you are sure that you have heard from God. If you are sure, why do you need the opinion of another man of God???  Do you remember the account of the prophet that God gave instruction in 1 Kings 13, but along the way, another came and convinced him that God said to do otherwise…?  The prophet disobeyed God and followed the word of another prophet to his own peril!

There is a difference between seeking godly counsel and seeking to confirm God’s word to us.  We do not need to confirm God’s word to us, if we are sure we have heard it and have trained our ear to hearing from Him…

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  1. I disagree. Each of us should have mentors and wise men and women in our lives who we go to for counsel and advise. I am not saying that we necessarily need to go to them with each and every single decision in our lives but for any major decision, we should be seeking the counsel of others. If they do disagree, we should take serious consideration why they are in disagreement. If God has truly placed them in an authority role in our lives, then open and honest discussion and time will either bring them around or show you why what you thought you heard was not really from God. We need the opinion of other men of God because scripture says we need the opinion of other men of God.


    • Hi dear, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the matter. In your last statement you made reference to what scripture says. Pleease can you cite the verse or quote it?


      • Okay, thanks. I’m trying to understand what exactly you disagree with or maybe you didn’t understand what I was saying. I believe you read this:

        “So, if you are sure God has spoken, you do not need to hear another voice.  But if you haven’t heard from God and/or are uncertain it was God who spoke to you, then by all means, seek godly counsel (and I would strongly advise you to do so if in doubt!).”

        If you followed the link to finish reading the post, which I’m sure you did.

        There’s a difference between seeking Godly counsel and hearing from God, which I stated. I am definitely in support of seeking Godly counsel as you have said. But when you have heard from God (which happened in the Old Testament a lot and more so in the New) you do not need Godly counsel to confirm it was God who spoke to you. Unless of course, you are unable to discern God’s voice.

        Godly counsel is very important but can’t override direct instruction from God. God has done that many times to test people’s faith and allegiance to Him.

        I hope we are on the same page. Thanks again.


      • Two things you said here which throw up red flags for me.
        “When you have heard from God… you do not need Godly counsel to confirm it was God who spoke to you.”
        Yes and no. If I know without question that I have heard from God then I do not need counsel to confirm it. I do however need godly counsel to affirm it and help to know how to follow it through. There is never any moment in our spiritual walk where godly counsel becomes unnecessary.

        “Godly counsel is very important but can’t override direct instruction from God.”
        A) Godly counsel is one of the seven ways we can receive direct instruction from God.
        B) If we have heard a direct instruction from God in one of the other six ways than truly godly counsel *would* not try to override such instruction.

        Let me give an example from my own personal life. In September 2014 I very clearly heard with an audible voice from God the call to go to Turkey. There was no question or hesitation on my part that this was from God. Almost immediately I did two things. I began a time of fasting and prayer. I also contacted five others, two mentors and three friends. I told them this was what I felt God was telling me and asked them to fast and pray as well on my behalf. Three of them were almost immediately in agreement. Two sat with me during that time to explore this call deeper and the practical side of how it will happen, but they were also in agreement. I love and respect each of these men and God’s call on their lives enough that if even one was not in full agreement I would have waited before taking any further steps. It is not that I even begin to doubt that this was God’s call. It is that I respect their influence on my life and God’s influence on theirs enough that until God brought them around I would wait. Perhaps for a reason I do not yet know there is an issue of timing.
        I fear all too often the modern church has grown far too individualistic and independent. No one is an island. I individually am not the body or the bride, the Church corporately is the bride of Christ. Any impulse to pull away from this unity from the body is not from God.


      • Hi, thanks for your personal testimony on the issue. I think I gave at least three Biblical examples and men of God who did not take your approach when they heard God’s call. Perhaps if they had sought confirmation through godly counsel, they would have received it still. But Paul, who you quoted a few times in your previous comment, clearly said

        “15 But when God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by his grace, was pleased 16 to reveal his Son in me so that I might preach him among the Gentiles, my immediate response was not to consult any human being. 17 I did not go up to Jerusalem to see those who were apostles before I was, but I went into Arabia. Later I returned to Damascus.
        18 Then after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Cephas[a]and stayed with him fifteen days.”

        So, in this instance, Paul intentionally didn’t seek counsel with men and it was only after three years in ministering that he sought out the other Apostles. Clearly, Paul isn’t teaching that godly counsel is supreme in hearing from God. He is always quick to point people to have their own relationship with God.

        This is my take. If you are not sure God said it, seek Godly counsel and pray for more clarity on the issue. If you are positive God said it, obey God, no matter what others say.

        I really wouldn’t advice people to go asking for confirmation on what God has revealed to them without a doubt. That’s asking for trouble. It would be better to fast and pray, and God who sees that you need more assurance will put a word of confirmation in the mouth of someone you trust. They are the ones who will come to you, not you going to enquire of them.

        Blessings to you.


      • I am sorry, but you are taking this verse out of context. In Galatians 1 Paul is talking about where his authority, his apostleship, came from. He is not talking at all about counsel or declaring his independence from others.
        When Jesus first spoke to Paul on the Damascus Road what did he immediately do? He sent Paul to Ananias. After Paul spent years in Tarsus growing in his faith it was through Barnabas that he was brought out and began his ministry in Antioch. Scripture and the historical record are saying the opposite of what you are trying to make it say.
        I think we are at an impasse here so I will not comment further. Only this. It is a sign of spiritual maturity to seek out counsel and the godly wisdom of others. It is a sign of spiritual pride to aviod it.


      • Thanks for engaging me all the same, though we couldn’t come to an understanding nor agreement. I have nothing to add, remove, change or clarify from all I’ve written. I’m sure I have been very clear of the validity and importance of godly counsel and the superiority of God’s direct word.

        I disagree that I’ve misconstrued or misrepresented Paul or Scripture here. I can understand your concern with people who follow what God says no matter what anyone has to say, but there is sufficient scriptural evidence to indicate that such faith and attitude is necessary, even as we seek to support and learn from each other.

        God bless you.

        Cheers, Ufuoma.


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