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Editor’s Pick: I Just Found Out My Unbelieving Boyfriend Smokes. What Do I Do?

This conversation has been shared with permission from the Reader.  I have tried to simplify our correspondence as much as possible, as it was a rather lengthy chat as I tried to get to the crux of the matter.  I hope you are blessed as you read.  Feel free to share your comments below.

Dear Ufuomaee

Thank you for letting me share.
I am a Christian girl and I love God, its him first in my life. I have a boyfriend who is a church goer, not born again. I gave up trying to change him knowing fully well that I cañt change a person, but I pray for him every single time I open my mouth to pray_( which is very often)
Recently I had a dream, that he was doing drugs, I ignored it because he doesn’t even smoke. So I just told him for telling sake, and he confessed to me that he smoked the day before. I don’t know wat to do. I don’t know if he can ever change, or if he is only going to get worse, am so confused and worried for him

Dear Reader,

There are two things here.  Your relationship with this guy, and his relationship with God – his salvation.  I understand that you recognise that his relationship with God and salvation must trump your relationship with him…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-i-just-found-out-my-unbelieving-boyfriend-smokes

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