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Editor’s Pick: She’s Changed! Should I Stay Or Let It Go?

Dear Ufuomaee,

good morning. I’m an ardent reader of your write up on Lagos and naked convo. God bless you for the good works. Amen. I’m a young academic. I was not in a relationship for five years. why? university sweetheart broke my heart and got married. and the desire to focus on my carrier. meanwhile I was praying for a life partner all through the years. in September last year. a former university female friend and I started chatting. I’ve always liked her. we talked and talked. she was not in a relationship and so we gelled. it was all bliss all through last year. she informed her parents and I have met them. I haven’t changed towards her. but she has. she doesn’t call. pick my calls or acknowledge my missed calls. she is comfortable not hearing from me and she’ll assume iam fine etc. I have pointed her attention to it severally and yet no significant improvement. and this was a lady that was talking about marriage. she says her problems is not emotional but psychological. she is yet to get a job but she is managing somewhere. please advise me. I have asked for a breakup if that’s what she Wanted. she said no. she wants me. no other guy elsewhere too. she wants more time and wants me to be patient. I’m a Christian. I’m confused

Dear Reader,

You have quite a dilemma there. I like that she has admitted that she has a problem, and has identified it as psychological…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-shes-changed-should-i-stay-or-let-it-go

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