Issues of Life

The Language Of Love

You said you loved me but you lied.

This is not how someone treats the one they cherish…

Words don’t mean nothing when actions contradict.

Love is really very simple, even a child knows it.

It’s in the way that you smile…

And the look in your eyes.

It’s in your gentle care and consideration,

Even when you’re inconvenienced.

It’s in your presence; affection and attention…

And knowing there’s no place you’d rather be.

It’s in the way you speak,

The way you touch and the way you hold.

Yes, I want to hear the words too,

But more than words, I want to know in my heart…

By the things you do and choose not to do,

That you are devoted to me, and me alone.

That I can trust you with my heart,

Because you would and could never hurt me…


But now, even your silence is a lie.

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