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Editor’s Pick: Is Love An Emotion?

This post is a consolidation of a discussion I had with a friend on Facebook, after I shared this tweet on my timeline today:

“Love is an #emotion before it is a #decision. #ItsnotThatComplicated…”

The tweet was inspired by a discussion I had with two of my friends on Sunday, when we were discussing dating and marriage.  One of them said, “Love is a decision, not an emotion,” and I immediately responded with “Love is an emotion, before it is a decision.”  She loved it and wanted to keep it for referencing.  So, today, I decided to tweet it!

With the push for people to ACT in love, anyone talking about emotional love is viewed with suspicion these days.  Emotional love sounds too carnal.  Too selfish.  Because emotional love has been used to justify all sorts of things that are not love!  So I was definitely expecting some disagreement on this.  However, as usual, the questioning allowed me go deeper and also get a better understanding myself.

The question was asked: “Love is the greatest force ever put in the hands of mankind. But is it an emotion?”

So, my response was:

Yes. It starts from the heart…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/is-love-an-emotion/

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