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The Spotlight – A Review Of “Children Of Blood And Bone” By Tomi Adeyemi

Hey, so I finally read Tomi Adeyemi’s book! And truly, I wanted to shout my opinions about it from the roof tops. But I thought I owed it to myself, and my readers, to take my time and write a proper review on The Spotlight.

Saying “finally read”, makes it seem like it is inevitable that everyone will read this book one day. And to say that about a debut novel is WOW!!! Whether or not the book warrants it, it has owned its place in the hallmarks of time, and it has become the most talked about, and most read book of our generation – in my opinion.

Everyone is saying something about this book, and I knew that I had to – and wanted to – read it. Why? She’s a new author like me (if I can still be classed as new). The fact that she’s also Nigerian and has achieved such fame with her writing is an inspiration to me. I also had to read it for myself, and find out what magic she used in writing this book, and what I can learn, or if it was over-hyped trash…

Well, the author needs no introduction. But for those, living under a rock, Tomi Adeyemi is a Nigerian-American writer and creative writing coach based in San Diego, California. After graduating Harvard University with an honors degree in English literature, she received a fellowship that allowed her to study West African mythology and culture in Salvador, Brazil. Her debut West African Young Adult Fantasy novel is CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE and the movie is currently in production, while she’s writing the sequel. She blogs at

So… I’ve waited to say whether or not I liked this book. You may have suspected, but I LOVED IT!!! As in… Even with all the hype, I never expected to read anything this fantastic!!! First time author?!!! It wasn’t even a small book… But every word was well chosen, every scene was well crafted, every emotion was felt. I couldn’t fault it, if I tried.

So I have been very amazed to read the critical reviews about this phenomenal work. As in, I don’t get it. I feel quite emotional and mad at these people, who feel a need to nitpick on such great writing, just because they think they can. Whether or not they can even write a book with half the amount of words or intellect is another thing. I keep thinking, they are mad jealous and/or wicked, because this babe deserves nothing but praise and a standing ovation!!!

There was one blog I visited after reading the book, cos that’s what you do when you love something so much. You just want to see what others are saying, and find those who were just as passionate about it as you. I actually didn’t read any passionate reviews of the book, but saw lots of fanatics on Instagram and I get the fanatism now. But on one site, their review seemed so empty and even cruel. They were talking about Tomi using too many cliches in her writing… This was my comment on the blog:

Seriously, I thought it was awesome from beginning to end. I don’t understand these critiques at all. Some say she did well or okay for a first time writer…but I think she blew the roof off for a first time writer. The work was impeccable and I’m stunned everytime I read such reviews which seem to miss so much of what the book offered to nit pick about things like the use of “cliches”. I too am a writer, and it’s not easy to write a strong 80 thousand word book, not to mention the epic literature that Tomi produced on her first go.

I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the book is a 5 star in my books 👊”

Look, the truth is, you don’t have to read this book. It’s not a must-read in that sense. It’s not going to save your life. But you really should read it. I want to say you won’t be disappointed, but I guess I can’t make such a statement in light of all the people who’ve made such claims. However, it’s worth your time to read it and form your own opinion.

From the very first word, the first sentence and paragraph, I was immersed in this book. It was action, thrilling, exciting, entertaining and inspiring. I kept waiting for when it would start to drag. It didn’t. I got emotionally involved in the quest, I was delighted when I saw that romance was not left out of the story. There were twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat, holding my breath, marvelling at how someone could imagine this and what it would have taken to write and edit this book (yeah, the writer in me at work). I didn’t imagine the end, and when we got there…it was PERFECT!

I had that feeling you get when you have watched the most awesome movie at the cinema! It had ended, but you’re still in it, and can’t wait for the continuation, so you can go back to the characters you loved. Even still, you are satisfied, because you got everything you thought you would get from it and more. And to think it was her first production… You are just blown away!

Tomi, I duff my hat to you. You deserve all the celebration that you are getting. Lean in to God and let Him inspire you to share more stories that will impact your generation. And keep it real!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion on the book. It was indeed valuable as I was tasked to advise the reading or non-reading of the book by an author whose belief might not conform with the Biblical truths. Am glad that you were able to guide accordingly.

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