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Editor’s Pick: Would You Rather Be Miserably Lonely In Marriage?

Everybody wants to be in love.  Everybody.  Even those who hide from the world, who seclude themselves and who have little patience for other humans.  Yes, they too want someone to love them.  Someone who thinks they are just awesome.  Someone who lights up when they are around, who loves them despite themselves, simply because they are…

Nobody wants to feel unloved and alone.  No, not even the loners.  Loneliness is a circumstance that is accepted in defeat…because of the absence of people to love or to return one’s love.  God did not make us for solitude.  He made us for fellowship, for companionship, for relationship.  So it is the worst possible fate for someone to live in this world, all alone and unloved.

However, the fear of loneliness has driven many people to make some unreasonable compromises.  As singles mature, and the pool of potential partners dwindle, and as their looks fade away and their circle of interaction spirals inwards, they become desperate to find someone…anybody to love!  This desperation can even cause them to overlook very obvious flaws in their proposed mate and to justify any type of relationship, as long as they are not alone…

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