A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 6)

Why did he say he was sorry?  After all these years…  And then he invites me to dinner?  What’s he thinking?  Does he really want to be friends, or is there something he needs?

Keisha was staring at her phone, looking at Ifeanyi’s profile picture on his Whatsapp DP.  He had just changed it today, with a picture of himself wearing a nice, dark blue suit.   It must be a new picture.  She much preferred it to the old picture he had up of him and his wife.

Was he trying to send her a message?  But he said the old Ifeanyi is dead…  So, why would he even want to meet with her?

She opened their chat, and saw that he was online.  Since he had offered her a dinner date last Sunday, she hadn’t gotten back to him.  Maybe she should hit him up now…  It was a Wednesday afternoon, and he should be at work.  So, he wouldn’t have pressure from his wife to respond in a certain way.

Hey Ifeanyi…” she wrote.  She began to type “How’s your day going?“, but decided to delete it, in preference for waiting for his response first…

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