A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 9)

Tolu was in her home studio, working on her designs for her wedding dress.  As a fashion designer, she took pride and privilege in designing her own clothing.  Over the years, she had designed many dresses that she thought would be ideal to wear on her special day, but after looking through them all, she had decided they were not elegant nor magnificent enough.  Also, she was more mature now and experienced in her trade, so her taste was a little more refined.

However, today, she was distracted.  Her mind kept replaying scenes of the happenings over the weekend, especially Femi’s unexpected visit to her home.  After she had succeeded in escaping his arms into the comfort of her home, he had driven away.  But she knew it wasn’t the last she would be seeing of him.

She never imagined that he would haunt her dreams too.  Every night, her body was awakened to sensations of his touch and his kisses, as if he was truly there, sharing her bed.  She feared each morning, when she arose from bed that if he were to come around again, she wouldn’t have the strength to resist him.  What had he done to her?

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