A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 23)

Jason and Fiona were having dinner with Jimmy and his wife, Fatima.  They had survived the meal with her family, but it was made clear to them that they wouldn’t get her parents’ nor the Church’s blessing to marry, if Jason refused to be baptised into the Catholic Church, though Fiona no longer saw herself as a Catholic.  As far as they were concerned, she still was!

Jason knew of Believers who were unequally yoked in marriage to Catholics, and hadn’t been forced to convert in order to marry.  However, they had promised to raise their children up as Catholics, to receive the ordinance of marriage.  He was not ready to make such a promise, nor convert, and neither was Fiona interested in raising their children Catholic.

He kept praying for God to make a way though, because he still believed that he had heard God say Fiona was the one.  And he had fallen in love with her, and really couldn’t imagine his life without her in it.  However, he knew that as much as Fiona loved him, she wouldn’t be happy to marry him without her parents’ blessing…and neither would he.

As they ate, he considered his brother and his wife…

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