A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 22)

Amaka was making her first visit to see Tommy, Jamie’s son, since he was born to Adania and Jamie on Valentine’s Day.  She was a little nervous about going back to a place of abuse, but she trusted God and believed that it was time she put the past behind her.  Jamie had apologised sincerely, and if their talk last Saturday at the Hospital was anything to go by, then he was truly repentant and worthy of a second chance.

She came bearing gifts for the little boy, and some baked goods she had bought from the supermarket for Jamie and his mother.  Mrs Solomon was happy to see Amaka, after so long.  She knew it was a big thing for her to visit Jamie and Tommy, after everything she had suffered in his home.  Also, the fact that Tommy was her sister’s child, born to her ex-husband, was no small shame to swallow.

The nanny had taken Tommy to change his diaper, and brought him to Mrs Solomon when she returned.

“Let her carry him,” Mrs Solomon nudged her head towards Amaka, so that the nanny brought the swaddled two-month-old baby to her to carry.

Amaka swallowed as she…

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