A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 28)

It was the morning of Danny and Tolu’s wedding, and Temi was up early getting ready to make it to the Church on time.  She’d found the card for the Make-up Artist she had met at the supermarket back in February, when she had tipped her bag upside down in search of her keys the other day.  So, she had decided to call her to see if she would be available to do her make-up for the wedding.

She would have done it herself, but she felt she needed extra pizzazz today.  She wanted a look that would make her smile for the sheer beauty of it, and one that concealed her sadness.  Her usual make-up did not succeed in covering up her unhappiness anymore.  In fact, she thought it highlighted it.

Today, she was going to have fun, and not worry about her husband nor his mistress.  Today, she was going to drink and be merry with friends and forget about her troubles.  Today, she was going to rediscover Temi, and enjoy being a beautiful woman again.  She sighed as she considered her reflection in the mirror.  Yes, she was going to need a ton of make-up…

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