A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Season Finale)

Danny and Tolu shared their very first kiss in front of the Minister, who married them before God and their families and friends.  Tolu had been longing for this kiss for months, but worried if it would meet her expectations.  Danny had taken his time on Tolu’s lips, because he had been longing to savour them too.  He’d expertly treated her to his tongue, his teeth, as he had nibbled and sucked on her bottom lip, and his caress on her lower back, trailing the rise of her ample bottom.

When he’d finally released her, Tolu beamed at her family and friends.  Yes, it had surpassed all her expectations.  She wanted to do it again!  The congregation had laughed, when she’d pulled Danny in for another round.  She hadn’t stopped kissing him since.

The lovebirds travelled to Mauritius for their honeymoon.  It was a French-speaking Island in the Indian Ocean, which had beautiful beaches, reefs, lagoons and exotic resorts.  Tolu was surprised to discover that Danny had learnt French enough to speak comfortably with the natives.  She really loved the language, and found it so sexy whenever he spoke to a waiter in French.

They had their own self-contained Villa by the beach…

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