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Editor’s Pick: No Unclean Thing – Another Look At Homosexuality

So I’ve moved on to reading Leviticus as part of my daily Bible reading.  Today, I read Chapter 7, which concluded God’s instructions to the Israelites via Moses, about how they ought to sacrifice their offerings to Him.  In this chapter, God talked about the abomination of unclean things and said that those who ate what He considered unclean would be CUT OFF from among His people.

It reminded me of God’s revelation to Peter, when he was praying on the roof, and how God showed him three times that ALL His creation is good, and that we shouldn’t call unclean, what God had made clean (Acts 10:9-20)!  So, here is God making another CHANGE!  A very significant one too.  And it wasn’t just about certain foods no longer being unclean, but certain people too.  God gave Peter that vision so that he would follow a Gentile and go and preach the Gospel in the home of Cornelius, the Roman Centurion.

That may be a small change for a lot of us, and we can all see that that was a POSITIVE and PROGRESSIVE move on the part of Peter and the Jew dominated Church at the time.  Because the God they…

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