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Editor’s Pick: Great Expectations

Do you remember that catchy song from the 80s by Surface that goes “only you can make me happy”?  It was one of my favourite songs at the time, and summed up my perspective on love, or better yet – romance.  The claim is that you can’t be happy without this other person, who somehow completes you.

By now, everyone knows – or should know – that that’s a lie from the pit of hell!  But we still love to listen to such songs and hope that that type of unique magical love which makes everything perfect will one day be ours.

When we become Christian, we accept the truth that no man or woman can make us happy, and that our completion is found only in God.  We get it in theory.  But somehow, the heart lags behind.

We can enter into marriage looking to God to help us work it out, and then when we are in the thick of it, (and it’s never as rosy as we imagined), we want to blame our partner for our lack of happiness or fulfilment.  But it’s so wrong to look to our spouse for blame, when it was never their responsibility to make us happy…

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  1. That was my favorite song too. I even remember the lyrics, “ I never thought that I could could find someone like you…..” Very good post full of wisdom and insight. Blessings 💕


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