Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: As Gracious as God

I remember when I was still single.  I was quite bitter back then, and very angry!  Mostly because of the inequality I saw between the sexes in matters of the heart, and largely due to the atrocities I’d heard and seen men get away with.  I was hardened and determined that I’d fall prey to no man.  At least not again…

I thought of all the lessons that I’d learnt from being bitten one too many times.  I believed that by building a hedge around me and a tall tower that only Prince Charming could climb, I’d be safe from ever being disappointed or heartbroken again.  But God taught me otherwise.

He resisted my inevitable conclusions with His phenomenal wisdom.  I could not rest assured in my castle because it was glaringly obvious that it was not a habitation of love, but in fact a sentence to misery.  Love offers no security from harm.  In fact, love promises that you will get hurt…but the pain will be worth the joy of surrendering completely to its enchantment.

The true test of love is the willingness and, ultimately, ability to forgive every conceivable wrong of the beloved. To enter into a sacred and binding commitment with another soul…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/as-gracious-as-god/

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