Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Marriage is Home

I’ve been looking through my journals lately, and reflecting on my writings from when I was single… One thing I desired most of all was acceptance and companionship. I realise that it was very important for me to find that in a mate, because it isn’t really about the journey, so much as who you are sharing the experience with, that makes this escapade called life worth it.

I’ve come to realise that marriage is very much like home! It is the place where you feel safe and secure, where you can be your best and worst self, where you can rest from the burdens of life and also enjoy the rewards of your labour. When marriage fails to fulfil these purposes, it can be a nightmare. Like the bad dream you can’t wake up from…

So many times in marriage, we may fantasise about the hotels and resorts that singles experience as their short-lived relationships, and not value the fact that we have a home. We long for the excitement, attractions, fan-fair and vanity that these establishments offer their guests, when the newness and beauty of the home has become old and dull…

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