Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Though Men Forsake You, I Will Never Forsake You…

Since I started writing my story series, I’ve come across women going through so many challenges in their lives, and especially in their marriages.  It has inspired me to write and to keep writing about marriage, and how to be steadfast in it, and how to work to restore love in your home.  My stories have addressed a lot of issues faced in marriage, with the hope that many will draw lessons that they can apply to their lives, or take courage from seeing how others endured and persevered.

On Saturday, I was blessed to meet with one of the women I counselled via my Reader Questions series.  She told me that things hadn’t improved for them, and in fact, she had given in to his pressure to move out of their home.  It was so heart breaking to realise how damaged her marriage was, and how much she had tried to hang in there…  And the sad thing was that, she still loved him and missed him, and she felt, even though they were separated, she was still hanging on.  And it has been painful for her.

One of the things we talked about was her chains and liberty in Christ…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/though-men-forsake-you-i-will-never-forsake-you/

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