Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: What Is This Cross?

I wrote this poem in the night, for a friend of mine who is hurting so badly in her marriage.  I also know the burden and pain of carrying a Cross and I have counselled too many women going through terrible marriages, that sometimes, I feel like all my words are inadequate.  This is a cry out to God to come to our aid and deliver us from all these troubles…or give us the grace to bear it day by day.


What is this You have called me to, Lord?

What sort of mental, physical and emotional suffering is this?

What is this Cross You have asked me to bear?

What purpose does it serve?

Lord, please tell me, because I don’t know…

I don’t understand it.

I don’t understand why You would expect me to endure such misery.

Because of what?

What future glory can be worth this hellish existence?

Lord, I am human.  Just flesh and blood.

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/what-is-this-cross

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