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The Marriage ABCs – T for Temptation!

Do you know what is the most common thing in the world?  Temptation!  Do you know what is the most NORMAL thing in the world?  Temptation!!!  Temptation is everywhere, no matter the size of the sin, whether it is the temptation to conceal something that should be revealed, or the temptation to tell a small white lie, or to concoct an exaggerated or elaborate deceptive account.

Temptation is something every matured person should be used to experiencing, and overcoming!  You will keep experiencing temptation, because the Devil doesn’t quit!  And you should keep overcoming temptation because you are NOT IGNORANT of his devices…  Temptation is not something you should be worried about.  Foolishness is.

“Facing temptation is not a sin.  Falling for it, which is foolishness, is!”

The fool doesn’t learn from past mistakes!  Tempt them with the same thing 1000 times, they will fall 1000 times!!!  The more you give in to temptation, the stronger its hold on you.  It can become crippling and addictive, and you feel powerless over it.  But temptation can be overcome – no matter how long you’ve been a fool for it.

Temptation begins to lose its power the FIRST time you say “No” to it…

Read more at https://blog.ufuomaee.org/the-marriage-abcs-t

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