A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #4


Temi woke up to find bouquets of flowers on each side of her bed, on her dresser, and on the small dining table in her bedroom.  The room was fragrant and bright, as streams of light from the Sunday sun filtered in.  She heaved a sigh and turned around to try to sleep again.  Her eyes fell on a note by her bedside.  No prizes for guessing who it was from and what it said.  She wasn’t remotely curious to check it.  Rather, she reached for her phone.

After unlocking it, she opened her WhatsApp to check for new messages.  Several came in, but it was only one person’s chat that she was interested in.  He too had sent a few messages.  Michael had written:

Hey babe, how are you?

I waited up to hear from you.  I hope everything’s okay?

Something important has come up, and I’m going to have to catch a flight to the States this evening.

I really wish I could see you before…  Can you make out time?  My flight’s at 11 pm.

I might be gone a while…  A couple of weeks.  Maybe a month.

Linda is sick.

Anyway, I’ll call you before I leave.  Love you.


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