Issues of Life

You Are Too Much

Today, Lord, I just want to declare

That You are indeed enough for me.

In fact, Lord, You are too much!

In You, I have all that I’ll ever need,

Much more than I should ever want…

Lord, I have tasted and I have seen

That You are good and there’s none like You.

For a while, I was feeling so lonely;

Forsaken, hurt and just miserable…

It seemed like nobody really loved me.

But I thank You for the Truth in Jesus Christ.

I thank You for the Life that is found in Him only.

And I thank You for Your grace which keeps me in the Way.

Father, I must declare that You are indeed

Too much, even though I only know so little…

The thought of Your depth astounds me!

Lord, I know You are already working everything out…

And though it’s taking much to be still,

I will continue to trust and abide in You;

The Prince of Peace,

Lover of my soul,

And my whole life, eternally…

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