Critical Thinking

We Don’t See It That Way…

Dear Lord,

I’ve been reading about Your prophesies through Isaiah concerning the Hebrews.

I know You were very upset with them for disobeying Your commandments.

I know You only promised them Your protection and prosperity if they obeyed.

But they forsook You and went after other gods…

You were mad at their folly, and left them to their own devices…

You also gave them over to ruin and sent nations to scatter them;

To enslave them, rape them, kill them…

And when I read that part, that You sent the savages who

Raped their women and mutilated their children, Lord, I don’t understand…

I mean, it’s bad enough that they should be taken captive…

It’s awful that they should be killed without mercy,

Treated without regard for their humanity…

But what paralyses me is the idea that You sent those who enacted Your punishment…

And then, You spoke again through Isaiah,

Judgement on the nations who delivered Your wrath upon the Hebrews…

You spoke of their desolation and ruin, and of the deliverance of Your people,

Because You will not always be angry.

You will forgive, and restore them.

You even preserved a remnant of them to see Your grace.

But what about those who died?

What about those who were violated?!

Those babies who were torn from their mothers’ wombs, and those mutilated?

Like Abraham, I dare to ask, were there none righteous among them?

Even among the little ones?

Among those who lived through captivity?

Raped and abused and broken?

Was it truly Your will that they should be faced with such evil,

That they may appreciate Your benevolence, when You visited them with mercy?

When You brought them out of captivity, into their land of promise…?

Would they never look back and consider their lost?

Lord, I cannot judge You. But my soul cries for lack of understanding…

You are God in Heaven, but down here on Earth,

We don’t see it that way… We don’t get it.

They say the end justifies the means, but no one raped ever thinks there was a justified purpose.

Even when all is restored in eternity…

And the blood of Jesus Christ makes all things new.

I think we know we brought judgement upon ourselves…

And we live in a world where others exercise their free will to do all manner of evil…

And even the righteous are not saved from the wickedness of mankind.

We are all wronged, and we all falter.

But Lord, through Jesus, I understand that it is not Your will that any should perish…

And so, that’s why it’s hard for me to believe Your words through Isaiah.

I pray in time, You will grant me understanding.

Until then, I will trust and rest in the knowledge that YOU, and You alone, are good.

*This post inspired my new piece, BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST.

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  1. From our perspective we have a sense of entitlement, as though we deserve to be treated like royalty by God.
    From God’s perspective however, we’re worthy of hell. We deserve nothing good from His hand.
    Still, we need to trace the many blessings from His hands, especially from Isaiah 40. He might afflict His people, like a father disciplining his son. But He comforts us as well.
    Thank you for your post, God bless 🙂


  2. This piece reminds me of David. When he sinned against God and He gave him three options.
    David said “let me fall into the hand of the Lord for his mercies are great”. He didn’t choose the option of fleeing from his enemies for three months. He knew men are wicked.

    At some point God regretted creating man because the thoughts of their hearts were continually evil.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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