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Reader Questions: More Questions From A Would Be Blogger

This week, one of my followers on Instagram reached out to me, in response to a post where I expressed my appreciation for those who had been praying for me.  She said I’d actually been on her mind that day, and she was one of those praying for me 🙂  The post shared an interview I had done with Lekki People Magazine for their latest edition.  Do check it our HERE.  It is now available in print also.  You should also check out their blog.

Anyway, she later wrote to ask me some questions about my blogging journey, as one who desires to be a Blogger also, and believes she has been called to it by God.  Below are my responses to six questions she asked.  Maybe they will inspire you too 🙂

1. How exactly did you start your BLOG?  Did the device you started it on matter?  Like a Tablet or a Computer/Laptop?  Does it affect Blogging in any way?

I used a laptop, but I think you can manage with a phone or a tab. The main benefit with my laptop is that I am able to modify my featured images, search for links and connect the links more easily. But you can always find your way around that using a phone or tab.

These days, I do most of my drafting on my phone, and then when I’m reading to publish, I would go on my computer to preview and apply the finishing touches.

2. How exactly and practically have you maintained your BLOG so far?  I am talking CONSISTENCY.

My consistency is with discipline, following inspiration and refusing to procrastinate. There’s always the temptation to say you will do something later, but the strength of the inspiration weakens over time, as well as your resolve. And you do get new ideas that distract you and overwhelm you, because you start to think you can’t keep up. But if you get into the discipline of penning down your ideas when they come, and making a commitment to write the posts you get inspiration to write as soon as reasonably possible, you will find that you continually get inspiration, and with your discipline, you easily prioritise or make room for your writing.

3. Why did you use WordPress instead of Blogger any reason?

The first blogs I knew about where on WordPress, so naturally, I opened an account. I didn’t learn about Blogger until long after, but when I did, I wasn’t impressed. WordPress is awesome, it looks great and it’s easy to use. You can also get ads on your website with WordPress and monetise your blog. I wouldn’t be able to compare the two, because I’ve never had a Blogger account. I also don’t think you can open Blogger accounts anymore, as Google has shut that down, I believe, along with Google+.

4. How exactly do you make money from your blog?  Do you currently make sustainable money from your blogging?

No, I do not make sustainable money from my blog. I don’t even make side business money from my blog! On WordPress itself, I make nothing! I have WordAds on my site, but my traffic isn’t earning me anything substantial. I get more money through Patreon, where I have a Creator’s account, and people patronise me with sponsorship. It’s a consistent source of support, but it’s still very small. So far, I make enough from that to be able to have a premium blog on WordPress, instead of a free one.

I also manage my own subscription service via Paystack and my self-hosted blog, (Ufuomaee’s Series Blog). I get occasional subscriptions for some of my stories, but it is very inconsistent and unsubstantial. I couldn’t even rely on that for my phone credit each month.

I also have my Books By Ufuomaee site, which is gaining popularity. I get more people subscribing to that and buying my combos or books than I get subscriptions on my blogs. These are the main platforms/ways I make money with my blogging. It’s still very slow and very little, but it’s something, and I believe it will still grow.

5. Your Inner Circle Readers, do you make good money from that system?  I mean those that have to pay a token to read some more beyond the general email you send?

I discontinued the inner circle of readers. It was never about sponsorship nor subscription, but about readership and feedback. I wanted to interact more with my readers and give them reading benefits based on how responsive they were; commenting on my posts, reviewing my books etc.

Instead, I started a Book Club, with rules and benefits. Book Club members can read the Book of the Month on Books By Ufuomaee, every month, but to be able to continue to enjoy this privilege, they need to be committed to reading and reviewing every book of the month! They also get exclusive access, when I publish new stories, like The Naive Wife. For their early access, they drop reviews. But it hasn’t taken off the way I expected, considering all I am asking them to do is something so many people want to do, read my works for free before anyone else. I think the challenge with a lot of people is the reviewing. They just think it is work, I suppose. I also get people who say they’ve been busy…

But the same people will find time to read on the blog and NEVER comment. I’m still keeping it open though. I hope it will eventually begin to bear fruit.

6. What FUELS your consistent fictional writing?  What’s your fiction writing inspiration and how do you consistently get in the ZONE to always keep producing books?

My fictional writing is fueled by my over-active imagination, lessons I learn from life or fellowship with God, ideas I get from life and my passion to preach the Gospel. I have lots of story ideas, but not as much time to focus on writing, because I have so many other responsibilities, and I also need to contribute to the family income. But I continue to prioritise writing out of obedience and faith in God, because I believe He will make it fruitful in the end. Like the Bible says, one sows, one waters, but God provides the increase. Mine is to sow, and I’m trusting Him to bring me those who will water my ministry so that it will flourish 😁

So, that’s it!  God bless you and have a great day.

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