A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #22


Tolu stood in front of the mirror, examining her stomach at various angles.  It was as flat as a board, even with all her effort to stick it out.

“Do you think I might be pregnant already?” she asked, running her hand up and down her tummy.

“It’s possible…  But I wouldn’t mind more time, just the two of us…” Danny replied.

“Really?” Tolu turned around.  “But it’s been three months already…  Aren’t you concerned?”

Danny rose up to meet his wife and pulled her in his arms.  “Why should I be when I’m in God’s will…?  I’m loving every minute of this…  Of us.  I don’t want to miss a thing worrying about what God’s doing.”

“Hmmm…  I’m not worried…  Not yet, sha.  Just been waiting so long for this.  And I am getting old, you know…?”

“Jeez…  You do sound old,” Danny laughed.  “Just like my mother!”

“Stop it!  I’m serious.”

“Tolu, have you had enough of me already?” Danny asked, looking into her eyes.  “I’m still on our honeymoon…  Lost in you.”

Tolu’s heart melted.  “Go on…”

“You know, in biblical times, it was the law for the Israelites to let newlyweds alone for one whole year, to enjoy themselves, free from obligation…


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