A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #32


Temi rose early to pick up her kids from her sister’s place and dropped them at their nursery, before heading to work on Monday.  Just as she arrived at the office, her phone began to ring.  It was an unknown caller, and she loathed to answer those.  She let the phone ring through.  Maybe the person would send a text message.

However, when she got to her desk, the persistent caller dialled again.  This time, she picked the call.  She was not quite prepared for the emotions that hit her when she heard his voice.  Especially after last night.  After her new resolve to leave him, for his own sake.  Suddenly, it seemed unbearable.

“Hey,” Temi answered back.

“What’s going on, Temi?  You haven’t been picking any of my calls…  Is everything okay?  Did I do something wrong?” Michael rolled off one question after the other.

Temi swallowed.  She wanted to blame Oyinda and absolve herself, but she knew such a response would only encourage him.  She couldn’t encourage him to think they still had a future.  How could she let him know that they were over?  “Oyinda knows about us…”


“He wants to give us a second chance…” Temi said.  The following words…


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