A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #31


So many thoughts were running through Temi’s mind as she returned to join her group for the journey home.  She saw Oyinda’s smile and felt his warm touch on her arm as he assisted her into the back seat, but she couldn’t return his kindness.  She averted her eyes when he tried to hold her gaze, and made a point of looking out of the window the whole way home.

Oyinda could tell that something was off with Temi.  It wasn’t hard for him to know what it was.  He knew it had been a risky thing for him to do, but he was still her husband and had the right and the duty to protect her from anything and anyone – even from herself.  He swallowed and tried not to think too much about it.  They’d discuss it when they get home.

Bolu was pensive on the ride back.  The retreat had really helped to clear the air between him and Lola.  However, his dilemma remained.  He recalled his dream and wondered as to the meaning again.  Was there a purpose he was to fulfil in Amaka’s life, besides being her lover?  He’d never even given her the chance to state her case…


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