A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) The Finale


Michael took a late afternoon flight from Los Angeles on Tuesday and, with a short stopover at Amsterdam, arrived on Wednesday evening at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.  It was the most convenient and fastest return route he could take, as he couldn’t get a direct flight from LA to Lagos.  After almost 24 hours in commute, he finally made it to his apartment in Ikoyi.

He’d called Temi when he landed, and she’d sounded happy to hear from him.  He really wanted to see her, but he was feeling quite jet lagged, so he thought he’d be better tomorrow, when he’d gotten a good rest and had adjusted to the time difference between the two continents.  His maid had resumed work yesterday, being notified of his return, so he came home to a clean, well-stocked apartment.

He didn’t have much of an appetite, so he only ate a couple of apples and drank decaffeinated coffee, before he made to rest on his king-size bed.  Thankfully, he’d requested three weeks leave off work to attend to this family crisis, so he wasn’t due back at the hospital until Monday.  Before he gave in to sleep, he remembered to do one last thing…


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