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The Naive Wife – Rachel’s Diary

Hi, y’all! It’s been a minute. I hope you’re doing great.

So, COVID-19 happened, life happened, and my sequel to Rachel’s Choice got delayed. Still I powered through, especially because of the feedback from my readers. I just couldn’t keep them in suspense much longer. With God helping me, today, I’ve released Rachel’s Diary, Book Two of The Naive Wife trilogy!

If you haven’t yet read Book One, it’s not too late to get started and learn from Rachel’s story! Prior to the release of the sequel, I shared 12 lessons from the book that will help young ladies eager for marriage to make the right choice, via my Instagram page! They are so important, I’ll post the images here also. Do visit my page and read the captions to learn more. And get Rachel’s Choice too.

Rachel’s Diary tells of her life after saying “I do” to her choice. Her husband and marriage are not what she expected at all, despite being a marriage counsellor herself. Through her story, there’s much to learn, unlearn, and search out!

The book is an eye-opener on the myriad of issues in marriage. You can get your copy from my website,, or through your usual ebook retailer. It’s available across multiple platforms worldwide, and will soon become available in paperback, via Amazon.

Here are a few direct links:


Hearing your feedback and reading your reviews is the best part of being an author. Please, if you enjoy the book, or even if you had your reservations, kindly drop feedback through a review or direct message! You can hit me up on WhatsApp via my Instagram and Facebook pages. Blessings to you!

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  1. I love how the book showed that a lot of times our expectations may not necessarily be it entirely, even after she thought the good guy had all the qualities of the man she wanted,she still had doubts, this book has taught me not to ever ignore the smallest feeling. Plus!!! I love that her step monther wasn’t the typical and cliche “step mothers” , the character was realistic and very authentic. Love eeet!

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  2. hey!! I’m a big fan of your books and I just finished Racheal’s story and i was wondering if you could recommend another book/book series for me to buy and read next ! 🙂

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    • Awesome, thanks! Have you read The Church Girl? You should read that and An Emotional Affair, then you can start on A Small World Seasonal Series.


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