Happy Birthday to Me!

On this day, 10th of February, in 2002, I surrendered my life to following Jesus Christ!

It was not the first time I had done so.  I had stood up before God in many congregations before that to give my life to Christ.  But this time was different.  Maybe because I knew exactly what I was doing this time and knew exactly what it would cost me, and I was just ready to be made willing… I had gone back and forth, but at this time, I knew I wouldn’t be going back to recommit because I meant it from the depths of my soul…

That was 20 years ago.  I have been sold out to God and His causes since.  This decision to follow Him has led me to make other decisions, not all inspired by Him, but what I believed was what He desired of me.  No doubt, I’ve made mistakes, and I’m not altogether proud of where I am at 20 years old walking with the Lord.  I could have done and have been so much more.

But today, I’m glad that despite everything that has happened, He is still the love of my life.  He is still my Lord and personal Saviour. He is still my best friend, and there is still time ahead to accomplish great things for His name.

I’m reawakening to who I am, who I am called to be, and my strength is renewed in chasing after the prize God has laid before me.  I know I wasn’t born on this day, but I was born again on this day, and I so want to celebrate and shout out to the world that it’s my birthday!

By His grace, if Jesus tarries, I will celebrate another 20 years with the Lord…another 50 or 60 even!

Do celebrate with me; pray for me and praise the Lord for His mercies to us all.  God bless you too and cause you to celebrate every milestone in your relationship with Him.

Happy Birthday to me!

Photo credit: http://www.canva.com

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