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Those words will either humble you or anger you, but throughout our lives we will come across situations where we are shut out from.  Where our input is not needed.  Where we have no choice but to trust those with understanding and insight.

Truth is, as much as we may want to, we can’t possibly know nor understand everything.  We don’t have the capacity!  There are some things that are given to us to know…some things that are given to us to search out.  And then there are things that are OUT OF BOUNDS.  You can’t know them.  You can’t search them.  You can’t have them, nor can you comprehend, unless the One in Charge favours you to do so.

The realm of Faith is one such territory.  The Atheist values his knowledge above all else, and is frustrated by this realm, where his ‘much’ knowledge and logical reasoning is neither needed nor valued.  This is the territory of God, where He abides, and by which He chooses to run the world and the whole universe.  This is His control tower…and they are shut out!

They can’t investigate it.  They can’t validate it.  They can’t know it.  They can’t comprehend it.  They are not so qualified, nor have they been called to enter in.  And they suppose that because it CANNOT be examined nor analysed, then it must not be profitable, and it is not even real.

I came across this picture on a blog by an unbeliever, and it made me think.  And something I read today reminded me of how unsearchable the things of God are (Rom 11:33).  They are areas of Restricted Access, and unlocked only by faith, humility, love and wisdom.  Even those with faith realise that there are areas that are yet unsearchable to them, but which they will be granted rights by the grace of God, when He deems them so worthy to know more.

Would I rather have questions that can’t be answered or answers that can’t be questioned?  Well, the truth is I have both, and I APPRECIATE both!  I do have questions that I don’t yet have answers to.  There are many things I don’t know, and also that I don’t need to know in order to live a happy and fulfilled life.  Like how the Universe works, for example.

The average person doesn’t need to know telecommunication technology nor electronic engineering in order to enjoy the use of a mobile phone!  They know what they need to know, and they are quite content to take their phone to a specialist for repair, than to try to fix it themselves, when it malfunctions.  The same way, I feel quite content to sit in the cabin of an aeroplane and trust that the Pilot and his crew know what they are doing, even if I don’t know the first thing about aerodynamics!  It’s not even so much that the questions don’t have answers, but that people lack the interest, patience and/or capacity to learn and understand fully.

I also have answers that can’t be questioned.  There are not many, but I have security in the few I hold dear.  As children, we have security in the restrictions our parents put in place for us.  We can’t, or rather, we shouldn’t, question them on their parenting, because we wouldn’t even understand if they were to explain themselves, nor would it bode for a good relationship.

It is when we mature that we can then question them if we see fit.  We are now in a better position to ask the right question, with a right attitude, and rightly understand and appreciate the answer.  In fact, we may NEVER need to ask why, because as we grow up, we will come to KNOW why!  And we will apply the wisdom of their training with our children too.

It is for this reason that Jesus said that anyone who comes to Him, must come LIKE A LITTLE CHILD (Matt 18:3).  We come by faith, realising that we don’t know as we ought to know, trusting that God loves us, knows us and all we need to be happy, and will teach us all things as we mature in Him.  At different stages, there will be things we cannot or should not question.  For example, we can’t question His goodness.  We are secure in knowing and trusting in His benevolence towards us.  As we mature, we need never question it…we can testify of it!

Knowing everything is not the problem of those who live by faith.  We know enough to have faith in God about the rest.  We do not so much desire greater knowledge as we do greater wisdom.  A child who knows little, but has understanding (through intimacy with the One who knows all) is wise; but the one who knows much but lacks understanding is foolish.  The knowledge of the spiritual will be forever hid from such, who lack humility and faith.

At that time Jesus declared, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children” (Matt 11:25).

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  1. Thx for the link. I appreciate the delicacy of the situation of asking questions who’s ‘answers’ must not be questioned for fear of the possibility that they are wrong and I’ll founded in reality.
    I guess it comes down to the question of whether you would really want to know if what you believe about God and reality is true or not. I believe it’s important to know, or at least want to know.
    For you, and many like I was once as well, it seems to be out of bounds to even want to know what you say can only be known by Faith. Thus, I conclude… you don’t want to know and don’t care about what is true or not in reality.
    I am sad for you, but hopeful. At least you know what is at stake. -kia


    • You wrote: “I guess it comes down to the question of whether you would really want to know if what you believe about God and reality is true of not”.

      Two things. 1. I know the answer to that, and what I know about God is true. 2. You don’t know the answer, and you are in no position to validate or invalidate my experience.

      So your conclusion is all you have and it is entirely your issue. I’m not burdened to give you the knowledge I have, and neither could I. It is given by grace from God and God alone.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


      • The problem is that you don’t really know what you think you ‘know by faith’. The other problem you seem to have is even though you know that you don’t, you don’t seem to care that you don’t.


      • That is the oil and water syndrome I mentioned in my comment on your post. You can’t tell me what I know, because you do not have the capacity to know what I know! As much as you think I am winging it…you are winging a lot in presuming to know what I know. It is best to simply admit the limitations of your knowledge, and know that you can’t know for sure what I know… Logic is not the finality of knowledge.


  2. ‘Knowing everything is not the problem of those who live by faith. We know enough to have faith in God about the rest’ I love this… Nice piece

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