Dear Atheist

The Physician

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There was a rich man who lived long ago in Manchester, England. He owned his own land and slaves and had many concubines in addition to his beautiful wife and three gorgeous daughters.

They lived the life of the nobels and enjoyed great health and prosperity. As a doctor, he earned a lot from his medical practice, and charged huge sums for treatments, because everyone knew he was the best in town. He often turned away poor people who came to him desperate, who didn’t have enough to pay or travel elsewhere for treatment. Rumour had it that many were buried in a land across from him…

However, one day, the doctor fell ill. He didn’t know how to treat this particular ailment that consumed all his energy, emotional as well as physical. Everything he tried, he couldn’t restore his health and he became unable to practice his trade. He lost his business. Then he lost his wife, who took his beautiful daughters from him and fled with his wealth, when she learnt that he had been cheating on his taxes and owed a massive sum to the State…


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