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Take the Medicine

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Jesus said, “Those who are well have no need for a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners…” (Mark 2:17).

Medicine is for the sick, and they that are desperate for healing have no shame in asking for a remedy. Even if it is something they brought upon themselves, they desire the treatment so that they can be whole again. Medicine doesn’t judge between those who are worthy or not… As long as you need it, you can have it…if you can afford it.

Well, there’s a free medicine that Christians have been talking about for millennia. It is available to everyone who is sick and in need of it. It costs nothing but a recognition of your need and the humility to accept it. But many won’t take it.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1. They don’t realise that they are sick. They are ignorant.

2. They know they are unwell, but do not realise that it is treatable. They are living with the disability.

3. They misdiagnose. They think something else is the problem and are trying to resolve it in their own way.

4. They don’t believe there’s a cure for what ails them. They are being ‘realistic,’ while you are being ‘superstitious.’

5. They don’t know there is a cure. No one has told them that this medicine is available to them.

6. They think they are too far gone. It’s too late. Nothing will make a difference now.

7. They don’t know how grave their situation is. They are not desparate yet. They still have time and are managing their problems.

8. They know they need help, but they think it should cost more. This must be a trick.

9. They don’t trust the medicine. How can it be the only cure for what ails them? How come YOU have it? It must not be that good if it is so common…

10. They don’t trust the diagnosis (or the Physician). They want a second opinion.

There may be more reasons why people fail to receive the free cure for what ails us all (sin and death), made available through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary, but the truth remains that:

1. It is true. It exists.

2. It is free. You can’t buy it with money.

3. It is still available. It doesn’t run out.

4. You cannot qualify for it. You can only ask.

5. It works. It saves!

Some people who took the medicine, and later backslid, feel unworthy to take it again. They are too ashamed that they still need it. They are too proud to ask for it again. They are distrusting…how come I still need it? Why wasn’t it enough to stop me from sinning again?

But they are the ones who need it… They are the ones for whom it was made available… They are sick, and the only way to recover is by taking the medicine.

Take the pride out of it. Take the shame out of it. Take the fear out of it. Humbly accept it, and let it do the work only it can do and restore you to God.

I don’t care how many times you need to take the medicine. Take it when you need it. Take it every day in fact. Actually, this is the sort of medicine that the wise man takes every single day, to keep the ENEMY away, not the Physician away!

In case you do not know about this medicine, let me be clear. Save this for remembrance, in case you ever forget. The medicine is simply this:

1. God is your Father, and He loves you.

2. He longs for you to fellowship with Him.

3. He went so far as to send Jesus to lay down His life on the Cross for you.

4. He knows the things you have done are horrible, but He also knows your potential is amazing.

5. He wants to help you to attain your potential, just ask Him for the help.

6. Today, accept His love and what Jesus did to reconcile you to your Father.

7. You are a precious jewel that He will never cast away… Nothing can ever separate you from His love.

You may not feel this way or believe these things BEFORE you take the medicine, but when and after you do, you will realise that He has loved you with an everlasting love. You will be well in your mind, heart, and spirit, and you will bask in His great love. This change will be evident in:

1. Your obedience.

2. Your fellowship.

3. Your fruit.

If you’re not seeing the change, keep taking the medicine. It will not fail. I’ll repeat, the wise take it EVERY DAY, because they realise their dependency on knowing and meditating on this truth every day. It isn’t a one-time cure, because we will always need Him to be righteous on this side of eternity.

So, have you taken the medicine today? What’s stopping you? Take the medicine and be healed.

God bless you.

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