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What The Lord Is Doing In Me…

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This is a follow up post to my post on Friday, under Reader Questions, where I addressed the question “what has God done today more than yesterday?“, which was posed by an Atheist.  I invited others to share their testimonies of what God has been doing in their lives, and I would like to share mine too.

My desire for God has been for Him to draw me closer to Him, to grow in wisdom and understanding of His ways, and to make my life bring glory to Him.  Other people may have other desires or pressing needs.  Maybe for health or for finance or for success or for knowledge of their purpose.  What I have mentioned has been my longing for a very long time.  Partly because I know that when I have God, I have everything else, and so my desire is for more of Him.

God has blessed me in this regard, and I can see how He is using me, particularly through this blog.  I am growing in wisdom and understanding of His ways, and recently some ideas I have held strongly have been shaken.  I thought I was so close to Him one day, and then the next day, I was wondering if I knew Him at all, because this belief I had held for years was shaken.  I found that I held that belief comfortably, being blessed materially, but with the turbulent economic situation in my country, reality and fear took hold of me, and brought my beliefs into question.

So right now, I am going through the Bible again, trying to read it with new eyes and praying for God to reveal to me His will for me, as a minister of His word, and for Christians.  I thought I knew what His will was, and was able to teach others.  But now, I am in a place of learning, and He is teaching me again…and it is humbling.  I still try to write as I am led to, sharing the understanding God has given me.  Writing has always been more about me ministering to myself than to others, but God has made my writing profitable to others too, so praise Him!

Also, God has been working in me to overcome my fear of confrontation, fear of rejection for my strongly held views and fear of ostracism.  Even though I’ve always been quite bold, I have never really felt I had much to lose.  But as my blog is growing, my charity organisation is expanding, as I’ve become a wife and a mother too, the stakes are somewhat higher.  But yet, I’ve been presented with opportunities to defend my Faith from the attack of Atheists, criticism from Jews, and more recently addressing my views on Catholicism.  I’m delving into areas that are very contentious, when I would rather safely abide in my comfort zone, telling Christians to obey Jesus, and ignoring everyone else!

When occasions have come to defend the gospel, I’ve thought to leave it for someone else.  After all, I am not an apologists, nor a theologian.  But more and more, God is moving me to speak, and I’m surprised that I’ve been able to defend my Faith so strongly.  And these opportunities have also helped me to grow my faith and understanding of Christianity.

More recently, God is dealing with my pride.  It is an inevitable demon that rises up when you attain any level of success.  Pride will make you want to write more pieces that people will like and share, rather than address an issue that God wants to address, that is unpopular, and may even result in people unfollowing your blog.  Pride will make you want to have the last say in an argument or debate, when you have said all that God wants you to say, and furthermore would not glorify His name.  Pride rears its head constantly, and I’m sure we’ll be on it a long time.

Another thing I know God wants me to work on is being present with the people in my life.  I spend a lot of time in my head, and while that can be good for ministry, it doesn’t help to build relationships with others.  And these relationships are our living ministry.  They are our opportunities to be Jesus to others, and I miss so many.  It’s hard also because I’m introverted, not as outgoing as I appear, and because technology makes my chosen lifestyle easier…but yeah, that’s on our agenda.  I know if I can grow in this regard, my life will be a whole lot richer!

So, this is me testifying of what God has been doing in my life of late.  Of course, He has sustained me financially, He was preserved my life, healed me of sicknesses and my child too, helped me to maintain peace in my home and many other things.  But my greatest need for Him are the issues I’ve shared, and we’re still on it.  I’m a work in progress, and God is a patient Teacher.

If you feel inclined to, I would love to read your piece on what God is doing in your life.  You can drop it as a comment, share the link in the comment section, or link my post, so I can come and visit!  God bless you!

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  1. I’ve decided to take a liking to the vicissitudes of life. It is Yeshua’s teaching tool, at least in my case. I went through the most wondrous string of healing others and interventions for the last several weeks, and now I am dealing with much despair in the same souls that were just recently rejoicing over their healing. It does keep one humble, and I can see purpose in it. When we’re down, Yeshua brings us up, but not to the point of pride. He keeps it on a plane where we stay close by and always seeking. This may be the most miraculous place.

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    • Yeah, I feel you there… I’ve been thinking about the “multitudes” of late, and plan on writing a post about that. I think about how they swamped Jesus for healing, followed Him for what they might receive temporally, listened to His teachings, yet didn’t care to obey or take them to heart, once they were gone from His presence. Next thing you know, they forgot about the healing and their miraculous feeding, and are shouting “crucify Him!” Unbelievable! There are multitudes in every generation, and they do not care for the spiritual, only to have them temporal needs met. It saddens me greatly.

      Thanks for sharing what the Lord is doing in you 🙂

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      • One cannot help but wonder about the multitude mindset… oh, that’s fixed… business as usual. Sounds like you’re onto something there. 😉

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      • Lol! It’s our human condition. We all have to work against such tendencies. But that’s also why Jesus said it’s hard for the rich to get into heaven..because they do not feel they need God for anything. Even though the poor come for their bellies and oppression, they get to connect with God, and some are left with a lasting impression 🙂

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  2. This piece. I so love it. Currently, I would say God is teaching me Patience and Trust. Both are two sides of the same coin I feel, and one cannot go without the other. Thank you for this piece and my earnest desire is to continue to evolve, to learn more about God. To grow and be humble enough to accept humbly when it’s time to change.
    It’s an amazing journey.

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