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The WOW Factor!

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Have you ever seen a beautiful person walk by and spun your head around to keep staring, before you had a second to think about your actions?

Have you ever watched a magician pull off such an awesome trick that your mouth dropped open before you could even think?

Have you ever had a bright light shone on you, which caused you to close your eyes before you could think to look away?

Have you ever ran the red light and suddenly felt your heart race the moment you heard police siren, before realising they weren’t after you?

This is how it will be when we all come before God. You won’t be able to think about anything before you drop to your knees in awe and worship Him! That would be the only appropriate response, because He is Worthy Of Worship (WOW)!

There’ll be no reasoning and you won’t be able to stop yourself from bowing down before Him, or your heart from beating fast in anticipation, or your body from trembling in fear if you never believed in His Christ…

Before that glorious day, when every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord (Phil 2:10-11), please get to know the Loving God who laid down His life so you could have eternal life!

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  1. Might I suggest that ‘every’ means ‘every’, including those who, on judgment face their creator never having believed in Christ. That would mean that they will bow the knee and confess that Christ is Lord before being cast into Hell. And yes, there will be ‘casting of those whose names are not found in the Book of Life into hell. (See Rev 20:15). I have heard it said that God would never cast anyone into Hell – that unbelievers consign themselves to hell by their unbelief and/or that Hell is just separation from God forever. There is such ‘casting’ and I doubt anyone casts themselves to such a terrible place voluntarily. I know it sounds harsh, but there will be judgment and it won’t be pretty. We don’t want to talk about such things much, but would rather ‘attract’ people to Christ rather than ‘threaten’ judgment. I suggest that in the NT, evangelism seems to always have a ‘judgment’ perspective. In fact Paul said that ‘knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men’. Thank you for this post, Ufuomaee.

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    • Hi BorntoBattle, they were included in my illustration and are my target audience.

      Hell and punishment is a given for those who wait until that Day to submit to the Lord. My emphasis here is that they won’t be able to choose to bow and worship like many feel they would should they stand before God.

      They won’t be able to stand period.

      Thanks for adding to the discussion! Cheers, Ufuoma


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