Dear Atheist

The Myth Of The Orgasm

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Do you know that some people believe that an orgasm is a myth?  Can you believe that?  They deny the experience of many, because they have also had sex…plenty of it…many different positions…but yet no orgasm!

“These pretenders!” They shout in anger.  “They are just giving people false hope…”

Does that sound familiar?

It sounds like those who claim that God’s existence is a myth.  The experience they have never had, and cannot prove, they deny.  And some even go on to blame all the world’s problems on the propagation of this ‘myth’.

“Most marriages end because of unfaithfulness, as people are longing to experience this mystical ‘orgasm’ that they can’t get with their spouse.  And those who have a perfectly healthy sex life are living in misery, because of these Proponents of Orgasm!  They must be stopped and made to accept the truth!  There is no such thing as an orgasm!!!”


Sounds a lot like those who claim religion is the cause of all the wars in the world.

If it’s not your experience…admit it.  Own it.  But don’t deny my experience.

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  1. Agreed that people wrongly blame religion for various wars. Military leaders do want a social force that binds people together. Religion appears to those leaders to achieve unity.
    Most wars are a fight for land.

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