Dear Atheist

The Atheist – Episode Three

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“Quiet please!”

My third grade Religious Studies teacher was such a contradiction. She was the least pious or humble person you’d ever meet. Even as children we could tell that she didn’t quite agree with herself. I guess it made it harder for her to teach us about religion.

“It doesn’t make sense, ma… That’s all I’m saying.”

That was my friend, Robert. He was the leader of the cool kids, and I was fortunate to be counted among them. He was quite outspoken and called bullshit on a lot of Mrs Brian’s teachings. He was actually the one who got me thinking that I shouldn’t believe everything I was being taught about anything. I had much respect for him and his opinions.

“What doesn’t make sense?” Mrs Brian replied, clearly irritated.

“This two by two of every creature in the ark. Do you know how many different species of animals there are? And even the sizes? And how did they even survive six months in that ark without eating each other?! It’s just so…dumb!”

To that, a chorus of laughter erupted through the classroom, with a few of the cool kids and wannabes rising to give Robert high fives…


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