Dear Atheist

The Atheist – Episode Seven

This episode is part of my podcast series DEAR ATHEIST… If you prefer, LISTEN NOW.


Samuel rose up and walked towards the ocean. I got up and dusted some sand off me. When I turned back to follow him, there was a path created in the waters. I can’t say if I was freaked out or in awe, but I didn’t pause for long.

There was a pull to enter the waters with him that can only be compared to the pull that I felt towards my corpse. But this was stronger. A strong wind blew, before the air became almost still. I followed him into the waters and along the cleared path, looking about at the separated ocean.

Oh my God! This is wow! Scientifically impossible, but wow!

As we got deeper into the ocean, I saw that the path ended, just as some stairs appeared. The stairs went down, and not up to the Heavens, as often depicted in movies. Despite the pull, I paused before following him down the stairs. Seriously, I was afraid!

“Where does this lead?”

“To your destiny,” came his distant response.

With dread, I climbed the stairs, seeing as I had no choice, with the path closing behind me. As I climbed, it became darker and darker…


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